I DID IT ! my first ever solo gallery show! so thankful for everyone who has been apart of my work and/or supported me through it all. This month was stressful trying to make this happen, with so many shoots, hours of editing and printing but I did it!! I am very happy with how everything turned out. Heres a little idea of how everything looked at the show, enjoy!


SOOO. Ive been really busy lately because I did start school for photography.  Its super dope and fun it just doesn't give me a lot of time to plan shoots and concepts for myself but I did get the chance to hang with Sofia and shoot her the other day so please enjoy these. :-)


OK. I seriously have not updated this blog in almost a year. YIKES. Well ill try to post some more series on here. for now here is some of my recent work!!!

Allison Joseph

haven't updated this in a while! Here are my most recent shots of Allison Joseph.  Ive been working with her recently and we have been getting really creative and doing some fun stuff. Enjoy!


So last minute I decided to meet up with a few local photographers and took pictures very early in the morning.  We met at a Starbucks in Riverside at 6am and shot at RCC that morning.  It was so much fun meeting these new photographers and learning so much from them.  We had a lot of fun just using each other for different photo concepts and ideas.  I ended up only having a few shots of my new friends Mackenzie and Julian so I wanted to share them on here!

swimming in the moonlight

Hi just thought I would drop in and post a few pics from the other evening. Such a beautiful day with some friends that I just had to get a few shots in. Just knowing that its October and that we can have days like these is amazing. These weren't planned at all but turned out pretty cool.  Plus these purplish blue tones make me so happy. I love where I live. Peace.